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Light Therapy Glasses, PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses, Refresh and Regulate Your Sleep, Solve Your Insomnia,Only Need to Use 25min/day

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II is a smart eyewear device which improves sleep quality by physical light therapy. This specific wavelength green light stimulates human’s nervous system, which gives a signal to regulate the level of melatonin secretion and improves sleep quality scientifically. It only takes 7 days to see the changes. The brand-new collapsible frame makes it easier to enjoy PEGASI treatment anywhere.

Sleep problems have become a main factor affecting people’s quality of life now. Irregular bedtime schedule, long-distance travel, and heavy work may result in disordered biological clock and thus affect sleep quality. Your quality of life may be affected at the same time.

NASA: Using Light Therapy to Increase Astronauts’ Sleep Quality

Timed light exposure treatment is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) as a drug-free method to control and improve sleep quality. In 2012, NASA used timed light exposure treatment to improve astronauts’ sleep quality and proved that this method was effective.

PEGASI, a smart medical certified sleep glasses, brings this innovative technology to the public, giving people a brand-new experience of controlling the sleep quality in hand. The light therapy can help your body to manage the biological clock and regulate the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality.

PEGASI glasses generate a specific wavelength green light and transmit it into our inner retina. Suprachiasmatic nucleus, the core controller of our body’s internal secretion on hypothalamus, adjusts the secretion levels of melatonin under different situations.

Melatonin: A Main Hormone Regulates Your Sleep Cycle

A hormone created by the pineal gland which helps your body to know when it’s the time to sleep and wake up. Normally, your body secretes a high level of melatonin at night to help you fall asleep. And the secretion level goes down at sunrise. The amount of the light your body received determines how your body adjusts your mood and energy.

Once Suprachiasmatic nucleus receives the light signal from PEGASI, an order will be sent to the brain to inhibit the secretion of melatonin. This inhibition can last 8-9 hours to help you stay away from sleepiness. Thus please remember to use PEGASI in the morning or in the daytime. After daytime, melatonin will be released drastically to help you fall asleep smoothly in the night.

1. Wear the glasses correctly. The width of the nose pads can be adjusted.

2. Turn on: Click the button on the right side.

3. It will turn off automatically after 30 minutes use, or you can click the button on the right side if you finish your treatment.

4. Continuously use it for 30 minutes between 7 am – 9 am. You can see the changes in 7 days!

Tips: Normally, using 30 minutes between 7am-9am in the morning can help to improve your sleep quality at night. If your energy level is low during the day, choose to use this product as needed. For more details, please refer to the user manual or our official website.

1. Bye pills!

PEGASI specific wavelength light helps to restrain melatonin secretion in the daytime and stimulate melatonin releasing at night. It works like a natural light, keeping your body work regularly. Forget about sleeping pills. You never need them anymore!

2. PEGASI Does Work!

PEGASI conducted a clinical trial at the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University. The results showed that compared with the control group’s time of falling asleep, the average time of falling asleep of the treatment group who used PEGASI smart sleep glasses was reduced by up to 37%.

Furthermore, the first generation of PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses has been sold on the market for more than 2 years. Over 50,000 people have benefited from it around the world.

3. Brand-New Collapsible Glass Frame, Enjoy Your Light Treatment Anywhere!

The collapsible glass frame makes PEGASI the perfect size to fit in any sunglasses cases!

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II Come with Two Colors: Black and White

You can switch different modes on PEGASI Sleep App. 30-minute is a default mode where PEGASI will shut down automatically in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, there are two other modes you can choose, the 20-minute strong mode and the 40-minute mild mode. They all give you the same result but in different light intensity. Choose the one depending on your situation.

How to switch mode: after you connect PEGASI glasses with PEGASI Sleep App, go Better Sleep at the bottom bar, then go More to switch modes there.

Please note: PEGASI Smart Glasses is a treatment device, which cannot provide tracking function. We are in the process of developing PEGASI tracking devices. Please stay tuned.

APP: Plus, You Can Track Your Sleep Health on Cloud

Usage Instruction of PEGASI

Everything you need to know before using PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses.